PHP vs Python

$What is $easier to $read?  {A $document of $commands in a $pseudo $English $language $strewed with ($dollar $sign $symbols ($$), $French $Braces ({), and $semi-colons)?  Or a $document $without all $that?}

What is easier to read?  A document of commands in a pseudo English language strewed with dollar sign symbols ($), Flower Braces ({), and semi-colons?  Or a document without all that?


$logger = new Logger();
if ($error) {

4 lines.  70 characters.


logger = Logger()
if error:'Problemo')

3 lines. 50 characters

3 thoughts on “PHP vs Python”

  1. Most of the time, the best tool is the one you know.
    C++ was my first language and then java in college so the syntax of PHP makes sense.

    Python is sexy. One right way to do everything. That makes for really easy to read, predictable code.

    The ubiquity of php is why I’m using it. It gives my FOSS web software the widest reach. That might be a moot point very soon as docker containers become a bigger deal.

    1. Thanks for your comments Derak. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control dictate what programming language we use. When given green field, I relish python. Do you have a link to your FOSS website?

  2. Give me braces all the time. It makes it explicit what is being wrapped (although admittedly it can be overdone)

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