Unix is the most powerful development tool

The Unix operating system is the most powerful development tool.  It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a LAMP/LEMP stack, Java, NodeJS, or SQL or any other coding language, Unix allows you to develop code and computer systems more efficiently.

Developed in the 60s in Berkeley California, curiously at the same time LSD was being experimented with in Berkeley, it still proves today to be one of the great general purpose operating systems.  It has evolved very much since then and most us use a version of it today now called Linux.

The main Unix philosophy is that everything is a file, and can be treated as such.  Source code, executables, I/O, and processes are files.   This allows you to manage and manipulate everything on the computer system in a unified way.

Simple Unix commands like grep, sed, awk, cat, cut, head, and many others can be strong together to do very sophisticated things, like parse a spreadsheet and pull out meaningful data from selected parts, or managing large computer programming projects.

These days I work mostly with Python, PHP, SQL, HTML/Javascript/CSS and API calls, but what really pulls it all together and makes work a pleasure is Unix.  It is were it all starts.



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