Why is Unix Beautiful 2

Here are some more examples of beautiful things you can do in Unix.

1.) Execute an SQL script against a database called db3, translate the output into CSV and report how long it took to execute.

$ time cat usage.sql | db3 |tr '\t' ',' > usage.csv

real 0m0.605s
user 0m0.004s
sys 0m0.001s

2. Compare the output with yesterdays output

$ diff usage_20141022.csv usage.csv > usage.diff

3.) Show a frequency histogram of changes since yesterday on columns 6 and 7.  (See future posts on histogram, and csv )

$ grep '^>' usage.diff |cut -c3- |csv - -c6,7 | histogram

|   4308 LPH,LPHG
|     15 NULL,CGO2
|      1 orig_util,new_util

4.) Look for all cases of ‘MATCH’ and for columns containing GAS, ignoring case, display to the screen and also capture to a file.

$ grep -ie match -e ",gas," usage.csv |tee gas_matches.csv

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