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   p.id as id, if(p.party_type_id =1, concat_ws(' ', p.first_name, p.last_name), p.company) as name, pt.name as type, ds.names as disciplines, left(afs.name, 40) as affiliations, concat_ws(', ', a.city, a.state) as location, p.email as email, p.website as website, date(p.created) as created
   parties p
   join party_types pt on p.party_type_id = pt.id
   join (
         p.id as party_id, group_concat(d.name separator ', ') as names
         parties p
         left join party_disciplines pd on p.id = pd.party_id
         left join disciplines d on pd.discipline_id = d.id
      group by
         p.id ) as ds on p.id = ds.party_id
   left join (
         pa.party_id, group_concat(af.company separator ', ') as name
         party_affiliations pa
         join parties af on pa.affiliation_id = af.id
      group by
         pa.party_id ) as afs on p.id = afs.party_id
   left join addresses a on p.id = a.party_id
order by
   name asc
   100 offset 0
   count(*) as count
   parties p
Id Name Type Disciplines Affiliations Location Email Website Created
80 Alex Grey Artist Painting Wappingers Fall, NY alexgrey.com 2016-03-05
56 Anthony Krauss Artist Sculpture Woodstock, NY fletchergallery.com/572763/anthony-krauss 2015-08-02
64 Anthony Padovano Artist Sculpture anthonypadovano.com 2015-11-15
16 April DeMarco Artist Painting [email protected] demarcostudios.com 2015-01-12
11 Art Murphy Artist Photography Woodstock, NY [email protected] artmurphy.com 2015-01-11
47 Art Society of Kingston Gallery Kingston, NY http://www.askforarts.org 2015-08-02
53 Augie Wiedemann Artist Illustration Art Society of Kingston Kingston, NY [email protected] 2015-08-02
21 Barbara Galazzo Artist Glass Cold Spring, NY [email protected] galazzoglass.com 2015-01-24
15 Bau Gallery Gallery Beacon, NY [email protected] baugallery.com 2015-01-11
39 Bau Gallery - Beacon Room Group baugallery.com 2015-07-11
1 Beacon Artist Union Group Beacon, NY [email protected] baugallery.com 2015-01-11
76 Bob Madden Artist Sculpture Gallery 66 NY Poughquag, NY [email protected] rockandasoftplace.com 2016-02-20
79 Caren Charles Artist Painting Wappingers Fall, NY [email protected] facebook.com/caren.charlesdesign 2016-03-05
3 Carla Goldberg Artist Painting, Sculpture Beacon Artist Union, Howland Cultural Ce Cold Spring, NY [email protected] carlagoldberg.com 2015-01-11
57 Carla Johnson Artist Sculpture Peekskill, NY [email protected] www.carlaraejohnson.com 2015-09-26
81 Carol Loizides Artist Painting Long Reach Arts, Howland Cultural Center [email protected] longreacharts.com 2016-03-15
55 Casey Schwarz Artist Sculpture Art Society of Kingston jamescoxgallery.com/exhibitions/past/casey-schwarz-the-poetry-of-form 2015-08-02
63 Cassandra Saulter Artist Painting, Sculpture Cold Spring, NY [email protected] cassandrasaulterstudio.com 2015-10-04
38 Catalyst Gallery Gallery Beacon, NY catalystgallery.com 2015-07-11
91 Charles Geiger Artist Painting Poughkeepsie, NY charlesgeiger.com 2017-01-29
68 Christine Martin Artist Photography Garrison Art Center martinchristinem.wix.com/home 2016-01-02
27 Collaborative Concepts Group [email protected] www.collaborativeconcepts.org 2015-06-27
83 Cynthia McCusker Artist Painting Howland Cultural Center Beacon, NY [email protected] cynthiamccusker.com 2016-03-15
71 Dan McCormack Artist Photography Bau Gallery - Beacon Room Beacon, NY [email protected] danmccormack.net 2016-01-10
92 Daniel Morowitz Artist Painting [email protected] www.danielmorowitz.com 2017-01-29
26 Dave Channon Artist Painting, Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 [email protected] www.esopuscreek.com 2015-06-27
10 David Link Artist Sculpture Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm 20 Putnam Valley, NY [email protected] davidlinkart.com 2015-01-11
14 David Provan Artist Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 Cold Spring, NY [email protected] davidprovan.com 2015-01-11
66 David Yawman Artist Painting Catalyst Gallery davidyawman.com 2016-01-02
78 Deborah Holcombe Artist Painting Gallery 66 NY [email protected] www.deborahholcombe.com 2016-02-20
70 Drew Morrison Artist Painting [email protected] drewmorrison.com 2016-01-02
8 Erica Caginalp Artist Ceramics Beacon Artist Union Suffield, CT [email protected] nutmegempire.com 2015-01-11
41 Eva Drizhal Artist Sculpture Beacon Artist Union Callicoon, NY [email protected] 2015-07-17
87 Francelise Dawkins Artist Textiles Saratoga Springs, NY [email protected] francelisedawkins.com 2016-06-02
46 Franz Heigemeir Artist Painting, Sculpture Ulster Artists Online, Art Society of Ki Rifton, NY [email protected] ulsterartistsonline.org/user/92 2015-08-02
20 Gallery 66 NY Gallery Cold Spring, NY [email protected] gallery66ny.com 2015-01-24
69 Garrison Art Center Gallery Garrison, NY garrisonartcenter.org 2016-01-02
2 Gary Jacketti Artist Painting, Sculpture Beacon Artist Union Beacon, NY [email protected] jacketti.com 2015-01-11
4 Grey Zeien Artist Painting, Sculpture Beacon Artist Union Cold Spring, NY [email protected] greyzeien.com 2015-01-11
6 Herman Roggeman Artist Painting, Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015, Collaborative Concep Putnam Valley, NY [email protected] hermanroggeman.com 2015-01-11
33 Herrat Sommerhoff Artist Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 [email protected] www.herratsommerhoff.com 2015-06-03
31 Hildreth Potts Artist Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 [email protected] espieglerie.wix.com/hildrethpotts 2015-06-03
84 Howland Cultural Center Gallery Beacon, NY 2016-03-15
17 Jack Rusinek Artist Painting, Sculpture [email protected] picasaweb.google.com/jackrusinek 2015-01-12
29 Jason Dennis Artist Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 [email protected] 2015-06-01
50 Jean-Marc Sovak Artist Sculpture Art Society of Kingston Beacon, NY [email protected] www.supervillesovak.com 2015-08-02
88 Jeffrey Terreson Artist Painting Beacon, NY [email protected] jeffreyterreson.com 2016-08-08
59 Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz Artist Painting [email protected] jenniferwoolcockschwartz.com 2015-09-26
43 Joan Phares Artist Sculpture Beacon Artist Union Bedford, NY [email protected] joanpharesartwork.com 2015-07-17
60 Joseph Sundwall Artist Painting Beacon, NY [email protected] sundwallart.com 2015-10-03
40 Judy Sigunick Artist Sculpture, Ceramics Theo Ganz Studio www.judysigunick.com 2015-07-12
34 Julia Link Artist Sculpture, Painting [email protected] julia-link.com 2015-06-06
42 Julie Jacobs Artist Photography Beacon Artist Union Wallkill, NY [email protected] juliejacobsphotography.com 2015-07-17
77 Karen Madden Artist Sculpture Gallery 66 NY Poughquag, NY [email protected] rockandasoftplace.com 2016-02-20
9 Kirston Lyon Artist Ceramics, Sculpture Beacon Artist Union Marlboro, NY [email protected] kirstenlyon.com 2015-01-11
82 Long Reach Arts Group longreacharts.com 2016-03-15
19 Look Art Gallery Gallery Cold Spring, NY lookartgallery.com 2015-01-24
22 Loren Eiferman Artist Sculpture Larchmont, NY [email protected] loreneiferman.com 2015-01-27
18 Matt Frieburghaus Artist Digital Cold Spring, NY [email protected] mattfrieburghaus.com 2015-01-24
72 Melissa Robin Artist Photography Beacon Artist Union [email protected] melissarobinphoto.com 2016-01-10
45 Milne's At Home Antiques Gallery Kingston, NY www.milneathomeantiques.com 2015-08-02
74 Nancy Campbell Artist Painting Art Society of Kingston Saugerties, NY nancycampbellart.com 2016-02-20
93 Nestor Madalengoitia Artist Painting Poughkeepsie, NY [email protected] crowfly.net/nestorart 2017-01-29
49 Oki Fukunaga Artist Sculpture Art Society of Kingston [email protected] okifukunaga.com 2015-08-02
94 Orin Buck Artist Photography, Digital Newburgh, NY [email protected] orinbuck.com 2022-08-02
24 Rafael Quirindongo Artist Photography Putnam Valley, NY [email protected] rqgallery.com 2015-03-07
90 Rebecca Strauss Artist Sculpture [email protected] rebeccastraussart.webs.com 2016-08-08
73 Richard Deon Artist Sculpture, Painting Bau Gallery - Beacon Room Dover Plains, NY [email protected] richarddeon.com 2016-01-10
61 Rick Rogers Artist Painting Beacon, NY [email protected] rickrogersart.com 2015-10-04
65 Robert Adzema Artist Sculpture [email protected] robertadzema.com 2016-01-02
58 Robert Bello Artist Sculpture [email protected] elevatedlivingart.com 2015-09-26
30 Robert Friedman Artist Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 [email protected] www.friedmansavannahart.com 2015-06-03
44 Robin Holland Artist Photography Milne's At Home Antiques New York, NY [email protected] www.robinholland.com 2015-08-02
7 Russell Ritell Artist Painting Beacon Artist Union Cold Spring, NY [email protected] russritell.jimdo.com 2015-01-11
36 Sarah Allen Eagen Artist Painting Bau Gallery - Beacon Room [email protected] www.saraheagen.com 2015-07-11
89 Sarah Haviland Artist Sculpture [email protected] sarahhaviland.com 2016-08-08
28 Saunders Farm 2015 Group [email protected] www.collaborativeconcepts.org 2015-06-27
86 Stephen Tyson Artist Painting, Sculpture Saratoga Springs, NY [email protected] stephenjtyson.com 2016-06-02
25 Steven Ceraso Artist Sculpture Saunders Farm 2015 Bay Shore, NY [email protected] www.stevenceraso.com 2015-06-27
52 Stone Styling Gallery Kingston, NY stonestyling.com 2015-08-02
23 Susan Zoon Artist Painting [email protected] zoonart.com 2015-01-27
37 T Donovan Artist Painting Catalyst Gallery tdstudio.net 2015-07-11
35 Theo Ganz Studio Gallery Beacon, NY [email protected] www.theoganzstudio.com 2015-07-11
5 Tom Holms Artist Sculpture Beacon Artist Union Greeley, PA [email protected] tomholmes.com 2015-01-11
51 Tyler Borchert Artist Sculpture Stone Styling stonestyling.com 2015-08-02
48 Ulster Artists Online Gallery Woodstock, NY ulsterartistsonline.org 2015-08-02
62 Vivien Collens Artist Painting, Sculpture Cornwall, NY [email protected] viviencollens.com 2015-10-04
85 William Noonan Artist Painting Newburgh, NY [email protected] williamnoonan.com 2016-04-05
75 Win Zibeon Artist Painting Gallery 66 NY Blauvelt, NY [email protected] www.winzibeon.com 2016-02-20