NYS Budget Update

In March, the NYS Senate and Assembly each adopted separate “one-house budget resolutions, setting forth their respective positions on the budget. The Senate resolution restores $11.0 million for OPRHP operating expenses, but the source of the funds is not identified in the resolution. The Assembly Resolution restores $11.25 million in state General Fund monies. While these actions are heartening, they do not mean that the $11 million needed (to allow OPHHP to keep all 89 parks and sites open) is necessarily restored. Restoration can only occur through an enacted state budget adopted by both houses and approved by the Governor. Keep your fingers crossed and your letters and phone call coming…

Lists of parks that were threatened by closure are available at the Parks and Trails NY website - www.ptny.org.

Friends of Fahnestock and Hudson Highlands State Parks is asking for your help in fighting these drastic cuts. Please take these simple steps:

1) Follow up with your assemblymen and senator and ask them to restore OPRHP’s funding to avoid drastic cuts and closures. To find out your local assemblymen and senator, go to http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem and www.nysenate.gov .

2) Contact State Senator Vincent Leibell at (518) 455-3111, (845) 279-3773, or[email protected] Fahnestock is in Senator Leibell’s district. Ask him to restore funding to the OPRHP budget to keep these two parks open.

State parks serve all New Yorkers and attendance at parks is at record high levels. Now, more than ever, our parks are our playgrounds, escapes, and vacation destinations. Please help us keep Fahnestock and the other New York State parks open.