Image Name Color Height Exposure Bloom_Start Bloom_End
African Daisy Orange, Yellow and Apricot 12 in. Full Sun Spring Summer
Agrostemma Purple
Aster violet, blue, white, pink 12-48 inches full sun
Blazing star purple, white Mid-summary fall
Canterbury bell blue, purple, mauve, white 2-3 ft lightly shaded to sunny
Chinese Forget-me-not None None None None None
Chrysanthemums white, yellow, pink 50-150 cm full sunshine varied varied
Columbine blue, red, yellow 12 to 24 inches partial shade April July
Coneflower purple, white, orange, yellow, pink, red Summer Summer
Daisy white
Foam flower white, pink Late sping Early summer
Foxglove None None None None None
Japanese anemone white, rose, pink late summer fall
Lupine None 36 in. permanent sunny or partially shady location May July
Sweet pea Deep Rose, Rose Pink, Lavender 40 - 80 inches. None None None
Yarrow pink, red, white, yellow late spring early fall