Rigel Chess
Chess Engine Alpha


Rigel Chess is open source (GPL licence). That means you can look at the code and contribute.

Rigel on Github


Rigel is written in 100% Python 2.7 for quick easy development of ideas. Someday it may be ported to C code.



Rigel Chess is a chess engine. It is not a chess gaming website. You can download it and play it on your computer. It can be integrated into online chess playing websites as a backend chess engine. Here are online gaming sites that use other chess engines

chess.com littlegolem.net

Release Notes

Road Map

Initially created to make a functioning chess engine that could understand chess and make accurate moves. Once that was complete, the next stage is to incorporate computer intelligence in strategy


Rigel Chess is an experimental chess engine written in Python

David is a computer programmer and an avid chess fan.

Sebastian is studying Graphic Design and plays chess.

The Team

David Link

Sebastian Link